You’re not safe!!

You’re not safe!!

We notice that you have still not had an all clear test on your post-vasectomy sperm sample.

Whilst you may have been relying on the vasectomy for contraception, we cannot confirm sterility without an “all clear” test and we strongly urge you to perform the test.

We urge you to pick up a specimen jar from the surgery and bring a semen sample together with the attached form to the reception desk or the Pathology collection centre at the surgery as soon as possible.

If you choose not to do so, and would like us to stop sending you reminders, we would ask you to please print and sign the form here and return it to us. We will then remove you from our reminder system. We do however emphasise that we are unable to provide confirmation of sterility without that test and therefore our strong advice is that you continue to use other forms of contraception rather than rely on the vasectomy.

Yours sincerely

Wellness on Wellington