Practice Policies

Our Policies

  1. Continuity of Care, Privacy and Recalls

    We encourage you to find a doctor you are comfortable with, and see them whenever possible. However if your usual doctor is unavailable, the other doctors have access to your medical records and can safely continue your care. Your notes, and all details of your medical consultation, are kept strictly confidential.

    Our Privacy Policy applies to all publicly accessible pages on the website located at

    Wellness on Wellington does not have any responsibility for the privacy policies or practices of third party sites linked to this site.

    If you want to see a copy of our Privacy Policy, how we comply with the National Privacy Principles or how to access your medical record, please ask at reception.

    We often teach medical and nursing students. We hope you allow these students, who will provide your care in the future, to sit in with us and learn about the full range of problems seen in General Practice, but the decision is entirely yours. You can refuse permission or ask them to leave at any time.

    We run an active recall and reminder system. Enrolment is automatic, so if you don’t want to receive reminder letters, phone calls and SMS texts from us about health matters, please advise your doctor.

  2. Repeat Presciptions and Referrals

    We believe patients on regular medication should have their conditions reviewed periodically. Patients should therefore make an appointment when requesting a repeat prescription. In the rare case where a doctor agrees to write a prescription without an appointment, a $18 script fee will apply.

    If your doctor has agreed that a prescription may be issued without consultation, you may request this via the script request portal on this website.

    In order for referrals to specialists to be up to date and meaningful, your doctor will need to review your condition prior to writing the letter. For this reason, and because Medicare will not accept postdated referrals, please make an appointment to see your doctor before the specialist consultation. In many cases we find that the problem can in fact be managed satisfactorily by us, saving you the expense and inconvenience of attending a specialist.

  3. Suggestions, Complaints and Improvements

    We welcome all your feedback as we regard this as an opportunity to improve our service. Please feel free to speak to your doctor or any of the reception staff. If you are not satisfied, ask to speak to the practice manager or the principal doctor.

    Alternatively, you can remain anonymous by leaving a note in the waiting room suggestions box. If you wish to take a matter up externally, you can contact the Health Services Commissioner on 1300 582 113.

    If you have any suggestions on how to improve this website, we would be grateful for your thoughts.

  4. Privacy Policy

    Please download our Privacy Policy to read more information.

  5. Disclaimers

    The information contained within this website is intended as a general guide to assist patients and their families to make informed decisions. Please contact us for specific information relevant to your circumstances.

    Links contained within this website do not imply endorsement by Wellness on Wellington.