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Skin check clinics

  1. Skin check clinics


    At least 50% of people in this country will be diagnosed with skin cancer during their lifetime

    • Are you concerned about a new spot or one that is changing?
    • Do you have fair skin that burns easily?
    • Have you had frequent sunburns, particularly in childhood?
    • Have you a personal or family history of skin cancer?
    • Have you ever used solariums?
    • Are you over 50?

    Here are some examples of lesions:

    BCC  melanoma  SCC  solar keratosis

    We invite people over the age of 16 to attend for a skin check.

    What to expect from a skin check:

    Our skin clinic is run by Dr Kirrily Ellerton who has a special interest in skin cancer medicine. She has undertaken extra training in this area.

    The appointment is approximately 20 minutes long, during which you will have a full body skin check from head to toe, leaving your underwear on.

    A full examination of your skin from your scalp to the soles of your feet will be provided. A chaperone is available if you would like one to be present.We ask that you do not wear makeup or nail polish and wear uncomplicated clothing that is easy to get in and out of.

    Dr Ellerton may take photographs of certain moles or suggest a biopsy.If any procedures are recommended, such as a biopsy or the removal of a mole, the costs will be discussed with you by your doctor.

    Please be aware that a skin check clinic appointment will always be privately billed. For patients with a valid health care or pension card a discounted fee applies.

    Please note that only skin checks will be dealt with at these sessions and a separate appointment should be arranged if you have other matters of concern

Cervical Screening – Pap smear clinics

  1. Cervical Screening - Pap smear clinics

    We periodically hold cervical cancer screening clinics on a Saturday afternoon for the regular patients of Wellness on Wellington.
    Appointments to these clinics are billed directly to Medicare (bulk billed) but are set aside exclusively for cancer screening.

    We will not have the opportunity to deal with other matters at these visits.

    The next cervical screening clinic will be held by Dr Rimma Medres

    On Sat 22 nd February 2020  from 1.30pm

    Please call our receptionists on 9780 8900 to arrange an appointment.

Low Carb Lifestyle Clinic

  1. Low Carb Lifestyle Clinic

    Low Carb Lifestyle Clinic

    • Are you sick of trying everything to lose weight but not succeeding?
    • Is your Type 2 Diabetes still not well controlled despite  your best efforts and increasing amounts of medication
    • Would you like help with improving your chance of conceiving?
    • Have you been told you have fatty liver disease but are unsure what to do about it?
    • Or do you just want to feel less tired and generally better overall

    If you answered yes to any of these questions then you are not alone!

    Dr Jo Pollott uses evidence based lifestyle changes with a focus on low carbohydrate nutrition to manage chronic conditions such as Type 2 Diabetes, obesity and excess weight, polycystic ovarian syndrome and fatty liver disease.  Her goal is to empower patients to make changes to their overall well-being and support them through their journey.

    You can find out more information on her website drjopollott.comIf you would like to make an appointment with Jo, please call reception on 9780 8900.

    Please be aware that a low carb lifestyle clinic appointment will always be privately billed.An initial consultation lasting approximately 40 minutes costs $200.00 and a subsequent appointment is charged at $145.00.

    For patients with a valid health care or pension card a reduced fee of $180.00 and $130.00 applies.

    Please note that these sessions are for low carb lifestyle clinic matters and a separate appointment should be arranged if you have other medical matters of concern.

Group Diabetes Clinics

  1. Group Diabetes Clinics

    Group Diabetes Clinics

Flu Clinics

  1. Flu Clinics

    Watch this space for Flu clinic dates to be held from April 2020.

    Please remember bookings are essential and are not available for booking on line.

    Please arrange your preferred date with our friendly receptionists on 9780 8900


  1. IUDs

    Wellness on Wellington has a number of practitioners skilled in the insertion of IUD’s.

    They are :

            • Dr David Ringelblum
            • Dr Julia Trayer
            • Dr Lona Brown

    A total of 3 appointments are required.

    An initial, extended appointment is required with one of the practitioners listed above, for assessment of suitability and explanation of the procedure.

    Swabs will need to be taken at this time and Cervical screening ( Pap) needs to be up to date.  A script for the device will be provided at this appointment time.

    Once the results of these test are back (usually 7 + working days) the Iud insertion can proceed.  An extended appointment is also required for this procedure – you can expect to be at the practice for 1-1.5 hours.

    A follow up appointment is required 6 weeks post insertion.

    We require a non refundable deposit prior to booking these appointments. This is $115.00 for most patients and $90.00 for those with a valid health care or  pension card.

    If either of the two extended appointments are not attended or not cancelled with 24 hours notice , the deposit will be forfeited.

    Please note that our usual billing policy will apply for all consultation items associated with this procedure and appointments for the IUD insertion can only be scheduled between 9.30 am and 3.30pm Monday to Friday according to provider availability.


  1. Vasectomy