Our Services

Wellness on Wellington provides a full range of medical services including:

  1. Children's Immunisations

    All children should be immunised against the major childhood diseases and a certificate of vaccination is required to commence school. Please inform the staff when booking your appointment as sometimes extra information is needed. We will forward details of the vaccines given to the Australian Childhood Immunisation Registry which will assist with family payments and school enrolment.

  2. Adult's Immunisations

    Adults should consider Hepatitis B and Influenza vaccines and ensure their tetanus is up to date. We strongly recommend Influenza vaccine every year and Pneumonia vaccine every 5 years for those aged over 65, and for those with chronic illnesses like asthma, diabetes and heart disease.

  3. Sports Medicines

    We treat sports injuries on our own and in conjunction with our physiotherapists, chiropractors and osteopaths. Together with our dietitian, podiatrists, psychologists and exercise physiologists, we provide advice and guidance regarding nutrition, training programs and injury prevention.

  4. Obstetrics and Women's Health

    We are one of the few General Practices that also insert Mirena and copper IUDs. (Please note this procedure requires a 30 minute assessment consultation to determine suitability, and a follow-up appointment for the actual insertion).

    For patients that have been referred to our practice particularly for this procedure it will be necessary to pay a deposit on booking the initial consultation appointment. The deposit is $ 130.00 for Health Care or Pension Card holders  and $ 150.00 for other patients. This deposit will be forfeited if  24 hrs notice of cancellation is not provided for any of the scheduled times.

  5. Occupational Health

    We provide all types of WorkCover related consultations, pre-employment medicals and advice to both employers and employees about occupational health and safety.

  6. Travel Advice

    Most travel destinations carry some risks. Those planning overseas trips should see us, preferably 6 months before leaving, but at least 6 weeks, for advice regarding immunisation, as multiple vaccinations may need to be given over this period.

  7. Minor Surgery

    Most moles and ‘lumps and bumps’ can be treated at the surgery. All equipment used is either disposable and used only once, or is sterilised in our autoclave. Many warts, spots and blemishes are suitable for freezing treatment with liquid nitrogen or electrical diathermy. Minor fractures are treated at the surgery.

  8. Vasectomies

    Prior to booking the procedure, we require a 30 minute consultation to assess suitability. We prefer both partners to attend this consultation, as in about one-third of cases we find there is a more appropriate alternative.

  9. Lifestyle Advice and Preventative Medicine

    We are eager to prevent disease as well as treat it. Help to stop cigarette smoking, alcohol moderation, diet, stress management, weight loss and exercise prescriptions are just some of the issues we are happy to discuss.

  10. Men's Health

    Assessment of prostate and testicle disease and the increased risk of heart attack and strokes are addressed. Complete Men’s Health checks are particularly worthwhile for men over 40 years.

  11. Skin Check Clinic

    At this clinic a full body skin check will be provided by one of a number of our GP’s with a special interest in skin cancer. These practitioners have undergone additional training in this field. Please note we are not equipped for full body photography and suggest you discuss other options with us if you have a very large number of moles.

  12. Extended Health Check Ups

    Medicare provides a rebate for a mid-life health assessment for 45-49 year olds. This is not an annual visit, but a one-off thorough review of your health and risk factors. Please ask for a double appointment when booking this.

    There is also an annual checkup available for patients over the age of 75, which we perform in conjunction with a home visit by our practice nurse. Speak to the nursing staff to arrange this worthwhile review.

We also run a number of special clinics which can be accessed here