Skin Check Clinic



At least 50% of people in this country will be diagnosed with skin cancer during their lifetime

  • Are you concerned about a new spot or one that is changing?
  • Do you have fair skin that burns easily?
  • Have you had frequent sunburns, particularly in childhood?
  • Have you a personal or family history of skin cancer?
  • Have you ever used solariums?
  • Are you over 50?

Here are some examples of lesions:

BCC  melanoma  SCC  solar keratosis

We invite people over the age of 16 to attend for a skin check.

What to expect from a skin check:

A full examination of your skin from your scalp to the soles of your feet.

Any suspicious skin lesions will be documented and may be biopsied for diagnosis.

If further treatment is required this will be arranged as necessary at a separate appointment.

An annual skin check is generally recommended unless an individual is at high risk.

Please contact our friendly reception staff to arrange an appointment time at the dedicated skin check clinic sessions.

Sessions are held on Tuesdays (both morning and evening sessions available) as well as Wednesday afternoons and Thursday mornings. We have a number of Male and Female GPs at Wellness on Wellington who have undertaken further training in this area.

When attending for a skin check please be sure to arrive without make up ( including nail polish for both fingers and toes ) and wear loose fitting, uncomplicated clothing that you find easy to remove and put back on.

Please note that only skin checks will be dealt with at these sessions and a separate appointment should be arranged if you have other matters of concern.